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Serch is known for his bad ass mixes that are not only confined to the internet but he sends out hundreds of copies as well through the mail. Want one all you have to do is ask. Serch will send you a mix and a couple more copies to hand out to your friends. Just send him a message on Facebook and he will put it into the mail for you!

Bump it on your Computer, Car System and if you want a digital file for your Ipod or MP3 device you can download it directly from the Sound Cloud links using the “Down Arrow Button” on the side.

Serch MacKenzie

Serch Mackenzie/The Lost Mix – 2010 by theserch
Get this recently recovered mix from these two Chicago giants! What is SerchMacKenzie? It is a collaboration of Serch from Freshout and Keith MacKenzie of Illeven Eleven and their two individual music styles. Similar sounds, Breaks merged with House and Techno this is not only a slammin mix that you want to hear at a party but also something that you can listen to at home as the new addition to your music library. Serch and Keith MacKenzie thought this would be something special for all of their fans, something that blends the normal boundries becoming unique unto itself.

Music For My Friends

Music For My Friends by theserch
A collection of songs that have been played during many of his sets within the past couple of years but have never appeared on any of his mixes. Serch thought this would be the perfect opportunity to share this with the people he care’s about most. You. His friends.

Serch Loves You

Serch Loves You by theserch
The title says it all. Its pretty self explanatory. The Serch Loves you and he loves rockin music in response to fans demanding a new and more peak hour mix.

A Gift from Me to You

A Gift For You by theserch
Happy Holidays! A gift from Serch to you! What could be better then some banging beats to listen to during the holidays and spread that Holiday cheer.

Nowloween 4

Nowloween 4 by theserch
Serch has been at every Nowloween. Nowloween is a series of Halloween parties that happen in Reno and Northern California and he’s been committed to this event since the first one and does anything he can to make sure he is there every year. This is a good interpretation of the set that Serch played at Nowloween 4 which took place in Reno, Nevada inside Bliss Night Club. The place was packed with almost 1000 People in attendance. This was planned to be a mix to be given out only at the party but it was so popular that he ended up putting online for all to enjoy.