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Chicago, IL / Freshout Recordings / Stilldream

SERCH fell upon Chicago’s booming underground music scene in the early 90’s. He generally felt at home and fell in love with early techno, house, and the Chicago music scene in general.

Even before he picked up his first tables in 95’ He had a natural love for vinyl, buying and building his collection from any money he could get together.

Since 97’ SERCH has put out many releases, in 2001 he put out a full length mix with “Little Pond Records” along with mix tapes, cd’s, myspace mixes, and has mailed 1,000’s of promos to fans across the globe.

SERCH has been making a name for himself across the country. Although he is a resident of Chicago, he has been over working the west coast playing and headlining some of California’s biggest clubs and venues.

SERCH in the recent years has come up with his label “FreshOut”. Since that time his mixes have been free. He wants to give back to his fans over the years, and to promote his label. SERCH has been rocking clubs across Chicago and always has the proper selection for the occasion. Keep an eye out for Serch coming to an event in your area.

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